Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Still Wondering

A couple of additional point about this

Regarding Tracie Egan’s comment that she has never been raped because, not only is she too "smart" to get raped, but she lives in Williamsburg, where the men are too unassertive to commit rape. (Only real men commit rape?) It ends up that in 2007 there were 14 reported rapes in Williamsburg, and, up to this point, in 2008, there has been 1 rape reported in that precinct. Of course, we don’t know how many Moe "I have way better stuff to do than filling out rape reports" Tkacik’s live in Williamsburg. Still, it seems that statistically, Egan is fairly safe, provided she doesn’t leave Williamsburg, which she was very "smart" to have moved into. Not to mention able to afford the gentrified prices. And how smart all of the women living in Williamsburg have been to have married/moved in with, men too wimpy to rape their neighbors. I wonder if they can still open pickle jars though?

The second issue is one that has been discussed less than the outrageous rape comments; abortion. Listening to Winstead and Egan speak so lightly of abortion made me cringe. I put away the emotional reaction, and gave it some thought. Is referring to an abortion as if it were a bikini wax, a way of counteracting the rabid anti-choice movement?

The truth is that if you are pro-choice, and I am, it can be a bit more difficult to argue the merits of your case, while at the same time claiming that abortion should be legal, safe, and rare. If abortion is not immoral, and if it is not murder, then what difference can it make if it’s rare, or if you have three a year? But... it’s not that difficult. I can do it. Why can’t Winstead? (I don’t expect much from Egan).

The fact remains that their abortion schtick just puts a really ugly, thoughtless, and irresponsible face on the pro-choice position. It’s unhelpful. Unless it’s the other side they’re trying to help, because I’m willing to bet you could link to that fiasco on a militant anti-choice site, and get yourself some donations. Oh yeah.

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